How To Invest In Torque Trading Systems | The Absolute Guide

Torque trading system is operated by a few companies in Singapore.This is one of the most transparent arbitrage investment company you will see years of investing online.   These are the companies behind torque: AlmegaFinancial Group The funds and business aspect is by Almega Financial from Singapore. They come out with the business execution and strategies to propel torque. Snapbots The AI fintech part is by Snapbots, where they are building AI bots to automate trading. I guess that’s where the automation Arbitrage and scalp trading comes about. SnapInnovations Snap Innovations is the Financial technology part. They have been working in the traditional financial industry since 2011. Seems like they are good in AI, tech and finance. SnapAcademy Snap academy is their education arm, They are teaching people how to trade and invest. I see they are also actively teaching and hiring traders and programmers. Snapactive The community arm is Snap Act